Sawtooth™ Shelf System

The Sawtooth™ Shelf System is the revival of a method to make shelves adjustable in cabinetry and millwork that has been used for hundreds of years. The system consists of wood supports in each corner of a cabinet. These supports hold adjustable cleats to rest shelves on. The triangular cut or "sawtooth" cut in the support piece needs to be very accurate and was historically made with hand tools by skilled craftsmen. This detail was lost as the cost of labor rose and less labor intensive methods become available.

The Sawtooth™ Shelf System includes technology that can recreate this triangular cut accurate to within .005" in a cost effective way, giving the modern woodworker access to this beautiful and useful cabinet feature.

Sawtooth™ Shelf Systems, Presented by Woodcraft™

Benefits of the Sawtooth™ Shelf System

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