The Cleat Lock™ Adjustable Component System

The Cleat Lock™ for the Sawtooth™ Shelf System is an option that fits directly into the sawtooth supports providing a solid base for mounting drawer slides, closet rods, and other hardware. The special cleats allow simple and complete adjustability. Precision-drilled cleats are used in pairs which lock into the sawtooth support with springs. Due to the angled design of the sawtooth support and matching cleat, the springs provide pressure by wedging the cleats firmly while still allowing them to be relocated with a simple squeeze, no tools required.

The Cleat Lock™ makes adjustable rollouts practical and makes it possible to interchange drawers, shelves, and Wine Bars™ without any tools or the need to repair holes or finishes. When used in a closet, rod heights can be changed, rods can be added or replaced with shelves. The ease and flexibility provided with the Cleat Lock™ system add value to any project that will be appreciated by the carpenter and homeowner alike.

Features of The Cleat Lock™

Cleat Lock Pricing [PDF]

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