The Closet Pack™ Closet Shelving System

The Sawtooth Shelf System Closet Pack™ is a convenient way to purchase all of the sawtooth components needed for your closet system. Packs are available for two types of closets. Both closet pack types come in versions for closets up to 36" wide where no rear support is needed and for closets up to 72" wide with rear supports. Closet packs come in Poplar as a paint grade material.

Linen Closet Packs
The linen closet packs have more standard cleats than a normal sawtooth set in a convenient 24" size to accomodate more shelves.

Clothes Closet Packs
The clothes closet packs have standard cleats for two shelves and two pairs of Cleat Lock™ cleats for adjustable closet rods.

Note: No Closet Packs include closet rods or shelves.

Features of The Closet Pack™

Closet Pack Pricing [PDF]

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